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A big part of our Kong was I wanted to make something that gave the impression that he was a lonely God, he was a morose figure, lumbering around this island. „ 

— Jordon Vogt-Roberts on Kong's design

King Kong design
(2017 film)



Design Details



Portrayed by:

Terry Notary (Motion capture)

First appearance:

Kong: Skull Island

Design Chronology


King Kong design (2005 film)




The 2017 King Kong design is the King Kong design used in the 2017 film Kong: Skull Island.


The director's confirmed and spoken about how the MonsterVerse King Kong's design was inspired by, and acts as a throwback to the 1933 films' design, while being truly identifiable as the "2017 version of King Kong". The overall design was created to be simple enough to be drawn by a third grader, yet iconic enough to be immediately recognized.

The concept of Kong walking upright like a human was a design choice intended to give off the impression that it was its own species, over that of a silverback gorilla like the 2005 King Kong or a generic "big monkey". The designers took design cues from the 1933 variant with its exaggerated or cartoonish properties, and attempted to visually twist them to make it their own.

Another big part of the design was instilling a sense of divisiveness in the audience, where some see a threat, others an ally, and some a God. This can be seen with the wide range of facial animations provided by the movie's motion capture actor for Kong, Terry Notary. With that, it was decided that Kong's fur would be brown to honor the original's design.[1]

In general, Kong has several scars, three of them running diagonal from his left pectoral to the right side of his torso, and short, brown fur as well a rounded head.

His stance, while upright unlike his 2005 counterpart shows how his arms are longer than his legs, proportion wise, given him an unnatural appearance compared to a human, providing him with a distinctive silhouette.


Kong: Skull Island Trailers

Kong: Skull Island


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