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The 2014 Godzilla design is the Godzilla design used in the 2014 Godzilla film, Godzilla.


For Godzilla's return, it was decided to give Godzilla a whole new look. The King of the Monsters was revamped and given a new design that didn't look radically different from the established Godzilla designs like the TriStar Godzilla design from the 1998 film did, but like the TriStar design, it was intended to look more realistic. Just like the 2007 Godzilla design, this design is completely computer generated.

The 2014 design's face is shaped very squarely, its neck is broad and appears to have shark-like gills. Its eyes are small and a golden yellow color, and its teeth are small and not nearly as straightly lined up as in previous Godzilla designs. The head and neck seem to lean forward more and the nostrils are more separate, being on opposite sides of the snout, and making it more reptile-like instead of the more mammalian fashion of being close together in the front compared to past designs. Its dorsal fins are smaller than the previous designs, but they still retain the core maple-leaf shape, although straighter and very sharp, somewhat like the MireGoji's creating a more jagged look when rising from the water.

The design's claws are black in color, and its feet are wider, resembling an elephant's feet with larger claws than the other Godzilla designs. Its skin is more reptile-like, crocodile-like, and rougher than the other designs, and is a blackish dark gray color. Its body and tail are very wide as well, making it look somewhat bulkier than other Godzilla designs.

Legendary has confirmed that their Godzilla's tail is 550 feet and 4 inches long, his height is 355 feet, there are exactly 89 dorsal spines running down his back, the palm of his hands are 34 feet and 4 inches each, and that his roar can be heard from 3 miles away, loud enough to make an opponent go deaf.[1]


  • Jim Rygiel has said that this Godzilla's fighting style was based on those of bears and komodo dragons. Bears and Komodo dragons stand up tall and barge their opponents backwards with their arms. In the film, Godzilla is seen doing this as well.[2]
  • According to Andrew Baker, a designer at WETA Workshop, the face of this incarnation was designed with the features of eagles and other birds of prey in order to make Godzilla look noble and majestic, yet not too cute or threatening.[3]
  • Due to its bulky build and broad neck Legendary Godzilla initially received complaints that it was "too fat". Early designs were heavily mocked on the internet with social media users claiming Godzilla "supersized in America" and branding it with pejoratives like "Fatzilla", "Gojibear", "Calorie Monster" and most infamously "Godzilla Deluxe".
  • Andy Serkis, who performed motion capture for King Kong in Peter Jackson's 2005 remake, was consulted to make the Legendary Godzilla and the MUTOs' computer-generated movement more realistic.[4]
    • T.J. Storm did at least partial motion capture for Godzilla in the 2014 film.[5]
  • This is the first Godzilla design to feature gills. This feature is later added onto Godzilla's immature form in the 2016 film Shin Godzilla (which later shrinks as Godzilla adapts to land).
  • This incarnation of Godzilla is designed to be as biologically plausible and "realistic" as possible, with the design process being trying to imagine what Godzilla would look like as a believable, real, natural animal.
  • The Shin Godzilla design is 10.3 meters taller than Legendary's version (about a head taller, due to its more upright stance and longer neck). While Godzilla is much longer length-wise (due to its disproportionately long tail) in Shin Godzilla, the Legendary Godzilla is still bulkier in terms of mass.

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