Kyoko Yamabe
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Katsuo Yamabe (brother)


Monsterland technician

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Yukiko Kobayashi

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Destroy All Monsters

Kyoko Yamabe (真鍋杏子,   Manabe Kyōko?) is a character in the 1968 Godzilla film Destroy All Monsters.


Showa SeriesEdit

Destroy All MonstersEdit

Kyoko was a new employee at Monsterland. On her first day, the power goes out and she is placed under the control of the Kilaaks. Later on, her brother and the crew of his spaceship come into Monsterland's underground control center. Kyoko and her employer Dr. Otani then lure them to the chamber of the Kilaak Queen, who tries to convince them to submit to her will. The astronauts refuse, and kidnap Dr. Otani when they escape. She follows them, and spies on Otani's interrogation. Otani commits suicide, and Katsuo comes to examine the body. Kyoko holds her brother at gunpoint and tries to get him to leave so that she can take Otani's body, but she is scared off by an earth defense force called the "Secret Police". She returns to the Kilaak base and is made to infiltrate Monsterland and is told to tell the humans that she is to stay there or they will be destroyed, but Katsuo tears through her ear lobes to remove her earrings which were the tools used by the Kilaaks to control her. When the transmitters are removed, she remembers nothing of the time she was under the Aliens' control. She re appears at the end of the film to watch the various kaiju defeat the Kilaaks.