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Kumasogami (クマソガミ,   Kumasogami?) is a lava kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the 1994 film, Yamato Takeru.


Kumasogami was originally going to be a spider god instead of his end result. Concept art for this exists.


Heisei Series

Yamato Takeru

The people of the kingdom of Kumaso would give a young girl to Kumasogami every once in a while, but when Oto was to be sacrificed to the Kumasogami, Yamato Takeru and his band of warriors came to her rescue, and closed Kumasogami's gates. Kumasogami broke the gate down, and morphed his hands into a bow and arrows.

As Kumasogami fired on the band of warriors, Oto fired her fireballs, drawing his attention. Kumasogami turned his hand into a giant sword, and pushed Yamato Takeru to the side. Yamato got angry, and his face changed, and soon, bolts of green energy fired from his eyes and impacted on Kumasogami, destroying him.


Kumasogami can morph his fingers into arrows that are shot from a bow on his wrist and can form a sword from them. These arrows are explosive, although they have not caused anything beyond an injury.


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