Kong: Skull Island (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
General Information
Composed by

Henry Jackman



Production Information
Release date

March 3, 2017

The Kong: Skull Island Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is the soundtrack composed by Henry Jackman for Legendary Pictures' 2017 film, Kong: Skull Island.

The soundtrack contains 24 tracks.


  1. South Pacific - 0:35
  2. The Beach - 1:27
  3. Project Monarch - 2:02
  4. Packard's Blues - 1:14
  5. Assembling the Team - 1:48
  6. Into the Storm - 2:44
  7. The Island - 1:16
  8. Kong the Destroyer - 3:43
  9. Monsters Exist - 2:27
  10. Spider Attack - 1:39
  11. Dominant Species - 2:00
  12. The Temple - 5:47
  13. Grey Fox - 2:33
  14. Kong the Protector - 1:49
  15. Marlow's Farewell - 2:37
  16. Lost - 1:27
  17. The Boneyard - 1:52
  18. Ambushed - 2:21
  19. The Heart of Kong - 2:11
  20. Man vs. Beast - 2:31
  21. Creature from the Deep - 2:44
  22. The Battle of Skull Island - 5:46
  23. King Kong - 2:42

Bonus Track

  1. Monster Mash - 1:27
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