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Species                         Nicknames
Mutated Komodo Dragon Komi
Height                           Length
60 meters  ?
Weight                             Forms
20,000 tons None
Controlled by                 Relationships
None Zilla Junior (Mate)
  Allies                             Enemies
Zilla Junior Giant Turtle
First Appearance
End of the Line 
To be added.

Komodithrax is a giant mutated komodo dragon from Godzilla: The Series. She was Zilla Junior's love interest.


During a romantic cruise in Alaska, Nick and Audrey's ship is attacked by a Giant Turtle. They end up on a deserted island where they are attacked again by the Giant Turtle but this time they're saved by Komodithrax, a mutant Komodo Dragon. It ended up that Komodithrax and Zilla were mates and there was a giant egg in their nest. Unfortunately, Captain Rogemore arrives and has orders to air strike the island and take out any monsters on it. Komodithrax and the giant egg fell into a fissure.


  • Komodithrax has a powerful jaw, which she used to bite the Giant Turtle.
  • Komodithrax seems to have a good amount of physical strength, as seen as when she pushed the Giant Turtle.
  • Komodithrax possesses a blue-hued atomic breath.

In Other Languages

  • Russian: Комодитракс


  • Concept Komodithrax
    Komodithrax was originally supposed to be a female "Godzilla", but this was changed because the producers did not want another Godzilla in the series.

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