Bandai King of the Monsters Series

The King of the Monsters Series (怪獣王シリーズ,   Kaijū ō Shirīzu?), also known as the Monster King Series is a line of 12-inch tall vinyl figures by Bandai. The line began in July 2016.

2016 releases

Godzilla FINAL WARS and Mechagodzilla

The King of the Monsters Series was revealed in a sales sheet by Bandai in April 2016, which advertised upcoming entries in the Movie Monster Series. The first two figures in the line, Godzilla FINAL WARS and Mechagodzilla, are reissues of Bandai Creation's 12-inch Godzilla 2004 and Mechagodzilla figures and were released in July of 2016.

Godzilla (2016)

The following figure was a new Godzilla 2016 figure, which was released in August.[1]

2017 releases

Godzilla (2017)

The line would continue in 2017 with the release of Godzilla: Planet of the Monsters, as two figures of the 2017 Godzilla would be released under the line. The first figure was basic, featuring a generic paint job.

The second figure of the line would be limited edition and featured atomic breath decals on its dorsal plates.

Godzilla (2016) - Climax ver.

A figure of the 2016 Godzilla based on Shin Godzilla's atomic breath sequence is slated to be re-released in early 2018, after having a 2017 release. The figure features an altered paint job, head sculpt, and tail sculpt.


Climax ver.



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