King Kong vs. Godzilla (Soundtrack)

Foreign title(s):

Kingu Kongu Tai Gojira

General Information

Composed by:

Akira Ifukube




Disc 1, 2004
Disc 2, 2004

Production Information

Release date:


Album Chronology


Godzilla Raids Again


Mothra vs. Godzilla


The King Kong vs. Godzilla soundtrack was released in 1993, with music by Akira Ifukube.


  1. Main Title
  2. Series of World Wonders
  3. The Sparkling Iceberg
  4. The Seahawk in Crisis
  5. The Seahawk's SOS
  6. Farou Island
  7. The Natives
  8. Thunder and the Devil
  9. Fumiko's Misgivings
  10. Godzilla's Resurrection
  11. The Cry of the Devil
  12. A Prayer to the Rolling Thunder
  13. The Devil in the South Seas
  14. Drums of Battle
  15. Giant Octopus vs. King Kong
  16. The Sleeping Devil
  17. The Terror of Godzilla
  18. The Invincible King Kong
  19. Preparation for Operation 'Burial'
  20. King Kong vs. Godzilla I
  21. Preparations for Operation 'One Million Volts'
  22. Operation 'Burial'
  23. Operation 'Burial' Fails
  24. Operation 'One Million Volts' I
  25. Operation 'One Million Volts' II
  26. Kong Shows up in Tokyo
  27. The Plan to Rescue Fumiko I
  28. The Plan to Rescue Fumiko II
  29. The Plan to Transport King Kong
  30. King Kong Advances on Fuji
  31. The Confrontation at Fuji
  32. King Kong's Resurrection
  33. King Kong vs. Godzilla II
  34. Ending
  35. The Giant Devil I
  36. The Giant Devil II
  37. The Giant Devil III
  38. The Giant Devil IV
  39. Thunder and the Devil
  40. The Plan to Rescue Fumiko III (ending)
  41. Background Music Inside the Apartment
  42. Transistor Radio Background Music
  43. On-Site Noise
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