King Kong soundtrack
King Kong 1976 Soundtrack
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John Barry



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King Kong Lives (soundtrack)

The soundtrack for King Kong was released in a two-disc set by Film Score Monthly on October 2, 2012, featuring music by John Barry.


Disc One

  1. Main Title
  2. Ship at Sea / Strange Tale / Hey Look
  3. Montage
  4. Fog Bank
  5. The Island
  6. Day Wall
  7. Dwan Alone / Jack & Dwan
  8. Night Wall Part 1
  9. Night Wall Part 2
  10. Celebration
  11. Jungle / The Hole / Camp Site / Dwan Scared
  12. Prisoner
  13. Waterfall
  14. Ravine
  15. Acknowledge / Crater / Snake Fight
  16. Chase / Trap
  17. Capture
  18. Super Tanker
  19. Dwan Falls
  20. Petrox Marching Band
  21. Presentation
  22. Kong Escapes
  23. Into a Bar
  24. Get Smashed / Alone in a Bar
  25. Kong's Hand
  26. Church Organ
  27. World Trade Center
  28. Jack in Pursuit
  29. Kong's Heart Beat / End Title

Disc Two

  1. The Opening
  2. Maybe My Luck Has Changed
  3. Arrival on the Island
  4. Sacrifice—Hail to the King
  5. Arthusa
  6. Full Moon Domain—Beauty Is a Beast
  7. Breakout to Captivity
  8. Incomprehensible Captivity
  9. Kong Hits the Big Apple
  10. Blackout in New York—How About Buying Me a Drink
  11. Climb to Skull Island
  12. The End Is at Hand
  13. The End
  14. Main Title (alternate)
  15. Fog Bank (alternate)
  16. Day Wall (alternate)
  17. Night Wall Part 1 (alternate)
  18. Night Wall Part 2 (alternate)
  19. Trap (alternate)
  20. Presentation (alternate #1)
  21. Presentation (alternate #2)
  22. End Title (alternate)
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