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Monster X II,
Kaiser Ghidorah
(Keizer Ghidorah)
120 meters[1]
(Monster X)
140 meters[1]
(Keizer Ghidorah)
180 meters
(Monster X)
200 meters
(Keizer Ghidorah)
60,000 metric tons[1]
(Monster X)
100,000 metric tons[1]
(Keizer Ghidorah)

Monster X
Keizer Ghidorah

Godzilla, Mothra, Anguirus, Rodan, Battra, Kiryu, Kumonga, Titanosaurus
Controlled by
Created by
Shogo Tomiyama,
Ryuhei Kitamura,
Katsuya Terada
Portrayed by
Motokuni Nakagawa (Monster X)
Puppet (Keizer Ghidorah)

First Appearance
Godzilla: Final Wars
Latest Appearance
Godzilla: Final Wars
ShodaiEkkusu, ShodaiKaizaa
Monster X
Keizer Ghidorah
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Monster X (モンスターエックス,   Monsutā Ekkusu?), also known as Keizer Ghidorah (カイザーギドラ,   Kaizā Gidora?), is a skeletal Ghidorah kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in the 2004 Godzilla film, Godzilla: Final Wars.


It is possible that Monster X's name is a reference to "Monster Zero," an alias for King Ghidorah. The "X" in his name could come from the Xiliens' Japanese name, the "X Aliens."

Keizer Ghidorah's name comes from the German word "kaiser," meaning emperor, and "Ghidorah," coming from the immediate name of King Ghidorah's species.


Monster X was summoned by the Xiliens from the Gorath asteroid, which has unknown origins. Keizer Ghidorah is a form of Monster X.


Millennium Series

Godzilla: Final Wars

Monster X arrived on earth through the Gorath asteroid,and he attacked Godzilla in Tokyo. He fought Godzilla using both melee attacks and his gravity beams. He managed to harm Godzilla, until he gained the upper-hand and retaliated. Gigan tried to help with the fight, but Mothra distracted him. Later on in the battle, Mothra and Gigan were both destroyed, leaving only Monster X and Godzilla. Monster X was nearly defeated by Godzilla, but he transmogrified into Keizer Ghidorah.

Keizer Ghidorah - Keizer Ghidorah

Keizer Ghidorah in Godzilla: Final Wars

Keizer Ghidorah (カイザーギドラ,   Kaizaa Gidora?) is a form of Monster X, and he debuted in Godzilla: Final Wars. Keizer Ghidorah attacked Godzilla with his gravity beams, and threw him into the air, pummeling him. He picked up Godzilla and began to suck out his energy, but Godzilla was rescued by the Gotengo. He destroyed two of his heads, and then shot him up to space using his Spiral Heat Ray, where he exploded in the atmosphere.


Monster X's attacks include gravity beams from his three heads' eyes, melee attacks, a lot of agility, and transforming into the more powerful Keizer Ghidorah. He is also shown briefly to levitate for a short period of time. Even before transforming, he's still extremely powerful. He's a physical match for Godzilla and his gravity eye beams posses roughly the same strength as Godzilla's atomic breath. He's also the only monster Godzilla fought in Godzilla: Final Wars that survived getting blasted by Godzilla's atomic breath at point-blank in the face, actually appearing to shrug the attack off, as well as being the only one able to bring Godzilla to his knees and make him roar out in pain, with just one attack.

Like King Ghidorah, Keizer Ghidorah is able to fire Gravity beams from his mouths. These beams are stronger than Godzilla's thermonuclear breath. Keizer Ghidorah can also guide their paths and pick up and throw objects with them. Keizer Ghidorah can drain energy through his bite. In the comics, Keizer Ghidorah apparently has the ability to fly.

Video Game Appearances


Godzilla: Ongoing


Monster X as he appears in Godzilla: Ongoing

Monster X appears in the IDW comic Godzilla: Ongoing alongside SpaceGodzillaGigan and Hedorah. He first appears in issue 8 where he attacks New York before fighting Mothra. After his fight, he manages to dispatch her before Boxer, Harrison and Asuka Hikari arrive in Kiryu along with Kumonga. After dispatching Kumonga, Monster X engages in a brief fight with Kiryu before SpaceGodzilla and Godzilla show up. In the battle that follows, Monster X transmogrifies into Keizer Ghidorah where he starts to gain the upper hand over the King of the Monsters. However, Rodan soon arrives to assist Godzilla, managing to decapitate one of Keizer Ghidorah's heads by creating a sonic boom from his wings. Eventually with Rodan's help, Godzilla is able to overcome and kill Keizer Ghidorah.


Main article: Monster X/Gallery.


Monster X's roar appears to have been adapted from big cat growls and roars. As Keizer Ghidorah, his roar sounds like maniacal cackling, similar to King Ghidorah's characteristic cackling roar.


  • The name "Monster X" is also used to refer to Guilala and Jiger.
  • Monster X was briefly considered for Godzilla: Unleashed, but according to Simon Strange, he was "not interesting enough," and his transformation into Keizer Ghidorah would have been too complex.
  • Shunsuke Fujita wanted to include Monster X in Godzilla: The Game, but couldn't because of time constraints.
  • Keizer Ghidorah is the second tallest main series Godzilla monster, behind the Heisei King Ghidorah and Mecha-King Ghidorah.
  • Monster X's transformation into Keizer Ghidorah was kept secret by Toho prior to the release of Godzilla: Final Wars, in order to surprise fans. To further keep Keizer Ghidorah a secret, Toho trademarked it as "Monster X II" rather than under its true name.


This is a list of references for Monster X. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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