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Godzilla, King of the Monsters
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Godzilla, King of the Monsters (怪獣王ゴジラ,   Kaijū Ō Gojira?, lit. Monster King Godzilla), also known as Kaiju-Oh Godzilla is a 1993 fighting/adventure game by Bandai that was only released in Japan.


"Hundreds of monsters have arisen in the land of Japan and it is up to Godzilla to fend them off. The player must maneuver the nuclear giant through the stages and wage a cataclysmic war. Stamping out the pesky human machines that sought to block the player's path, Godzilla must fight the endless hordes of demons. Fighting one after another, almost in succession. Can the player master against the heavy weight of the monster world? Or will Godzilla loss his title as the King Of The Monsters???"


The following is the gameplay and game specifics of Kaiju-Oh Godzilla:

  1. A side-scrolling game
  2. Godzilla's attacks are: Fire-breath (can be fired up, down, or straight and when used, health will be drained), Punch, Kick, and Tail-Whip.
  3. Destroying buildings will sometimes refill your health.
  4. The game only has 3 continues.
  5. When the player stops Godzilla, the health will slowly refill.
  6. There are 5 levels, and each will include a final boss.


Level 1: Osaka Opponents

  1. Ebirah
  2. Battra Larva (Ocean)
  3. Mothra Larva
  4. Battra Larva
  5. Battra Imago
  6. Mothra Imago

Level 2: Lake Ashino Opponents

  1. Super X
  2. Anguirus
  3. Biollante (Rose Form)
  4. Super X2
  5. Biollante (Final Form)

Level 3: Mt. Fuji Opponents

  1. Hedorah (Flying Form)
  2. Manda
  3. Gabara
  4. Kamacuras (x3)
  5. Kumonga
  6. Hedorah

Level 4: Nagoya Opponents

  1. King Ghidorah
  2. King Caesar
  3. Gigan
  4. Jet Jaguar
  5. Megalon
  6. Gezora
  7. Ganimes
  8. Gorosaurus
  9. Mecha-King Ghidorah

Level 5: Tokyo Opponents

  1. MechaGodzilla (Flying)
  2. Fake Godzilla
  3. MechaGodzilla (Land)
  4. Varan
  5. Titanosaurus
  6. Rodan
  7. Super MechaGodzilla


Level 1: Godzilla vs. Mothra


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