Janjira's suburbs, overlooking the main Nuclear Power Plant

Janjira's suburbs, overlooking the Nuclear Power Plant

Janjira (雀路羅,   Jyanjira?) is a fictional Japanese city near Tokyo with a nuclear power plant located inside it.


Legendary Series


After the discovery of the two M.U.T.O. 'spores', the hatched male M.U.T.O. burrowed to Janjira, the nearest source of radiation. Joe Brody and Sandra Brody worked at Janjira at the time, after moving to Japan for better jobs. When the M.U.T.O. started causing seismic anomalies underneath the city of Janjira, Joe and Sandra Brody were at work in the plant. Thinking it was a regular Earthquake, the staff at the Nuclear Power Plant began to switch off the systems to prevent damage. The M.U.T.O. suddenly began to feed, causing the reactors to rupture, spewing out their radiation contaminated water. This resulted in the deaths of Sandra Brody and her team in the trapped with the reactor. The plant then collapsed under the strain of the M.U.T.O. feeding, causing more casualties. The M.U.T.O. then cocooned to continue feeding on the radiation which was released, as Monarch took the plant and the city of Janjira under quarantine.

In 2014, Joe and Ford Brody managed to bypass the quarantine zone's security. There, Joe managed to recover floppy disks on the reactor collapse, and found that strangely, the radiation levels in the city were at normal, background levels (later found out to be due to the M.U.T.O.'s feeding). The two were then captured by MONARCH security. Joe and Ford Brody were taken to the Janjira power plant and Joe was interrogated. The M.U.T.O. then abruptly hatched from his cocoon, and mortally wounded Joe. It also killed hundreds of MONARCH workers as it fought its way out of its containment. The M.U.T.O. escaped the plant soon after.



  • The abandoned city of Janjira may be partly inspired by the Chernobyl Disaster. After the plant's Nuclear Reactor No. 4 melted down, a radius of contamination over a hundred miles wide was put in place, resulting in many cities being abandoned.
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