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Toho Kaiju
Unknown CreatureA!H Unknown Minion of Maoh MutationG!G
Jairokku, Jailock, Jeanlock, Jyairock, Jyairokku
?? meters (Human size)
?? meters (Giant size)
?? meters (Human size)
?? meters (Giant size)
?? kg (Human size),
?? tons (Giant size)
Human Size,
Giant Size
King Flasher, Kabutonga, Flashers, Tonchiki, Maoh
Human No. 1, Greenman

King Flasher (Creator)A!H
Tonchiki (Creator)G!G
Controlled by
King Flasher, Tonchiki

First Appearance
Assault! Human Episode 1

Jairock (ジャイロック,   Jyairokku?) is a kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 1 of the 1972 tokusatsu kaiju series, Assault! Human.


Jairock has bumpy white skin, but in some spots it is also grey. Jairock's arms, legs, and neck are very long and skinny. He has two dark grey horns protruding from the sides of his head. He has 4 fingers on each hand and 4 toes on each foot. His feet, hands, and head look very small in proportion to his body.


Assault! Human

Jairock fought Junichiro Iwaki but was ultimately defeated.

Go! Greenman

Jairock was the seventh monster to battle Greenman. Jairock and Tonchiki went to a road seeking out the children. After receiving instructions from Tonchiki, Jairock chased the kids until one of the Green Calls was used, attracting Greenman into the fight. Greenman and Jairock clashed, but Greenman was quickly overpowered. But, Greenman didn't admit defeat, but rather grew to giant size in an effort to destroy the monster. Jairock grew as well, and the two fought on the side of a cliff. Again, Greenman was beat by Jairock's attacks. Luckily, Greenman was able to grab a hold of Jairock's tail and threw the monster to the ground, killing him. But, Maoh revived the monster who used a supersonic wave attack to weaken Greenman. Although greatly affected by the attack, Greenman still pressed on and was able to destroy Jairock with the Breaster attack.


  • Jairock has an ultrasonic attack which can blast his enemies backwards.
    • The attack can also cause extreme pain to his enemies. This was used briefly on Greenman during their battle on the cliff.


Jairock reuses the roar of Ultra kaiju, Zambolar.


Main article: Jairock/Gallery.


  • Jairock resembles Powered Red King, a monster from Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero.
  • Jairock also vaguely resembles Hoe, a negativity monster from Ultraman 80.
    • However, since Assault! Human and Go Greenman both aired long before these two series, it is likely that this is just a coincidence. - Dead Kamoebas TOH

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