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Toho Mecha
Itazuran 2
?? meters
?? tons
Itazuran II
Jenny, Akira, Nadesico
Controlled by
Sister B
First Appearance
Kawaii! JeNny Episode 1: Sweets Angels
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Itazuran (イタズラン,   Itazuran?) is a prankster mecha created by Toho that first appeared in episode 1 of the 2007 tokusatsu series, Kawaii! JeNny titled Sweets Angels.


Itazuran's name is a play on the Japanese word for prankster, Itazura-sha (いたずら者?).[1]


Itazuran strongly resembles a retro wind-up robot. Its entire body is coated a navy blue color, except for certain areas such as its face and shoulders which are colored silver and red respectively. Two silver, hooped, antennae-like appendages protrude from the sides of Itazuran's head just above two more protrusions coming from his shoulders. He also sports a large object similar to a cassette tape on his chest, just under an embossed imprint which reads "Sister B".

However, when Itazuran is rebuilt, its dark blue plating is recolored a blood red. Also among the changes are its hooped antennae being replaced with ear-like panels, and a satellite dish being placed atop its head.


Kawaii! JeNny

Sweets Angels

Itazuran was first constructed by Sister B, who also piloted the robot in an effort to carry out her rather monotonous schemes as well as destroy the Sweets Angels. However, Jenny and her companions Akira and Nadesico fight their hardest to protect the casualties of Sister B's wrath, destroying Itazuran in the process.

Improved Itazuran II

A while after Itazuran's initial attack, and inevitable defeat, it is rebuilt into the fierce Itazuran II (イタズランII,   Itazuran II?). Sister B reprises her role as Itazuran's pilot, but history repeats itself as the Sweets Angels once again bring down the mechanical terror.


Prankster Scribble

Itazuran possesses an ability known as "Prankster Scribble" which involves it using a paintbrush-like object to deface buildings. The brush is capable of drawing in shades of red, orange, and pink.

Exhaust Gas

Itazuran can execute an attack called Exhaust Gas by which it emits gas at high speeds from exhaust vents on its back. This was only used once however, in the hopes that Jenny would be blinded by it while she was piloting the Gyro Vespa.

Punishment Beam

Itazuran can fire pink beams from its eyes.

Bubble Gun

Itazuran can materialize a giant bubble gun from thin air which is used to "bubble" its enemies.


As a last resort, Itazuran can also materialize bombs. However, they are instantly lit upon creation, giving Itazuran only a short time to make use of them.


  • Despite being controlled by Sister B, Itazuran seems to have its own consciousness and speaks with a masculine voice.
  • Itazuran was portrayed by suit actor Shinya Iwasaki who had previously played multiple kaiju in Ultraman Neos and Ultraman Mebius.[2]


This is a list of references for Itazuran. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1] - Dead Kamoebas TOH

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