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The InyoshiOrochi (陰陽師八岐の大蛇,   In'yōshiYamataNoOrochi?, lit. OnmyojiYamataNoOrochi) is the Orochi design used in the 2003 Toho/Kadokawa film, Onmyoshi II.


The InyoshiOrochi's name comes from In'yōshi (陰陽師?) which comes from Onmyoji II's Japanese title, In'yōshi II, specifically In'yōshi, and Orochi which comes from Orochi's Japanese name, Yamata no Orochi (八岐の大蛇?).


The InyoshiOrochi resembles the ShodaiOrochi more than the HeiseiOrochi, in the sense that it resembles a snake more than a dragon. But, the eight heads of Orochi are not connected to a body, but instead, are all connected together forming one, long, eight-headed snake. This design for Orochi also features a fiery aura that could only be realised through computer generated imagery.


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