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The Ice Giant (氷人,   Kōrijin, lit. Ice Man?) is an unmade ice statue kaiju that would have appeared in the scrapped 1966 Daiei film Gamera The Giant Monster vs. The Ice Men From Outer Space.


Not much is known about the Ice Giant's appearance, except that it was about the same size as Gamera, and that it also would have been entirely composed of ice.

According to tokusatsu historians August Ragone and Jason Varney, the character would have been modeled after The Jotunn - fearsome Frost Giants from Norse mythology. In particular, Ymir, who was said to be the biggest and most monstrous of all the Frost Giants.[1]

Had these plans gone through, this would have made The Ice Giant the only humanoid-shaped opponent faced by Gamera, as his various film foes tended to be on the wildly nonhuman, animal-side of creature design.


Showa era

Gamera The Giant Monster vs. The Ice Men From Outer Space

After Gamera was freed from his rocket that was carrying him towards Mars, he flies home to defend the humans from the Ice Men and their nefarious plans. However, the aliens deploy their trump card, being the Ice Giant. The two monsters battle, with Gamera ultimately being victorious.


  • The Ice Giant's characteristics may have ultimately inspired two of Daiei's classic monsters.
    • Its ice powers were ultimately shared by Barugon.
    • Its characteristics, being an inorganic statue creature, were ultimately shared by Daimajin.


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