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The Human Vapor (ガス人間水野,   Gasu Ningen Mizuno?, lit. Gas Man Mizuno) is a gaseous kaijin created by Toho that first appeared in the 1960 tokusatsu film, The Human Vapor.


The Human Vapor, in his humanoid form simply resembles a Japanese man, enveloped in a blue glow.


The Human Vapor

Mizuno was a former test pilot but retired after he somehow got infected and then confined to a sanitorium for a long time. He later became a librarian until Dr. Sano offered Mizuno to become a "test subject" for scientist's projects. However, the tests backfired and Mizuno became an indestructible vapor man. He then began a life of crime to try and support his wife.


In the Human Vapor's gaseous form, the Human Vapor can wrap around people's heads and suffocate them. He can also disappear into air.


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