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Toho Kaijin
White Hyuman
Human No. 1
Hyuman No. 1, Human Number 1, Hyuman Number 1, Human #1, Hyuman #1, White Human, White Hyuman
?? meters
?? kg
Junichiro Iwaki,
Human No. 1
Human No. 2
All Assault! Human kaiju
Junjiro Iwaki (Brother)
Controlled by
First Appearance
'Assault! Human Episode 1
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Human No. 1 (ヒューマン1号,   Hyūman 1-gō?), real name Junichiro Iwaki (岩城淳一郎,   Iwaki Jun'ichirō?) is a gymnast and kaijin created by Toho who first appeared in episode 1 of the 1972 tokusatsu kaiju show, Assault! Human.


When in his Human No. 1 form, he has an Ultraman-like head which is covered by a large spiked helmet. Almost all of his body is white besides small red and blue stripes on his legs. Junichiro also wears silver bracelets on both his arms, armor on his chest, a belt and silver anklets.


Assault! Human

Junichiro Iwaki

Junichiro Iwaki in Assault! Human

Junichiro Iwaki was originally a famous gymnastics coach, but resigned from his job to train children who were targeted by King Flasher's Flasher Core. The kids in turn were able to transform Junichiro into Human No. 1 by using a device known as a "Human-Sign". Whenever members of the Flasher Core appear to attack the children, he is transformed and does battle with the monster(s).



Human No. 1 transformation

Junichiro Iwaki transforming into Human No. 1

Junichiro is capable of transforming into the powerful Human No. 1. To do so, he counts down from five, crosses his arms, and then performs a somersault. While in the air, he changes into his Human form.

Human Shock

Human No. 1 can conjure and disperse electricity.

Human Air Cut

Human No. 1 can perform a move known as "Human Air Cut", where he jumps in the air and slashes his opponent like a sword.

Human Stopper

Human No. 1 can use an ability known as "Human Stopper".

Human Finger Cross

Human No. 1 can use an ability called "Human Finger Cross" by crossing his fingers.

Human Vibrator

Human No. 1 can create powerful vibrations from his hands.

Human Barrier

Human No. 1 can project a barrier around himself, temporarily blocking enemy fire.

Human Punch

Human No. 1 can use a technique known as "Human Punch" to strike down his enemy(ies) with an extremely powerful blow from his fist.

Human Beam

Human No. 1 can fire a deadly photon ray from his chest.


Main article: Human No. 1/Gallery.


  • Due to Toru Narita designing the Humans and Ultraman, the two bear slight resemblances to each other.
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