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Gojira-kun (ゴジラくん,   Gojirakun?, lit. Mr. Godzilla) is a game for the MSX released in 1985. It features very chibi looking monsters. This game is very similar to the Gameboy Godzilla game.


The game features the following monsters, each has one special ability:

  • Godzilla (Player) - Can push rocks. Can defeat enemies with one punch (except Hedorah and King Ghidorah).
  • Baragon - Powerful puncher.
  • Anguirus - Runs very fast when on the same level as Godzilla.
  • Rodan - Flies behind you through the screen. Can't die of water.
  • Hedorah - Immune to punching.
  • MechaGodzilla - Fast puncher.
  • King Ghidorah - Appears when Godzilla takes too long to clear a level, flies, and is completely invulnerable.


Game Mode

Godzilla can move left/right and climb up/down vines. There are three ways to defend yourself; punching your enemies, making them fall in water or dropping rocks on them. The objective of every level is to destroy all the rocks. When the last rock is destroyed, a timer power-up will appear. If you grab it, all enemies will stop moving for a few seconds. Go through a door after getting the timer and you advance to the next level.

Edit Mode

In this mode, you make your own levels, or "scenes." You can choose to edit the screen, select a screen, save a scene, load a scene, verify a scene, copy a scene or test play.

User's Game Mode

Immediately play the current scene selected on edit mode.

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