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Godzilla vs. Kong
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General Information
Directed by

Adam Wingard

Produced by

Mary Parent
Alex Garcia
Eric McLeod
Brian Rogers

Written by

Terry Rossio

Production Information
Distributed by

Warner Bros. Pictures
Toho Company Ltd.JP

Release date

May 22, 2020[1]


Godzilla: King of the Monsters
(MonsterVerse film)
Godzilla: The Planet Eater
(Toho film)



Godzilla vs. Kong, also known by the working title of "Apex"[2] is an upcoming American science fiction monster film produced by Legendary Pictures, and the fourth entry in the MonsterVerse, following 2019's Godzilla: King of the Monsters. It acts as a sequel to both King of the Monsters and Kong: Skull Island, and it will be released to American theaters on May 22, 2020.

Godzilla vs. Kong is being directed by Adam Wingard, produced by Mary Parent, Alex Garcia, Eric McLeod, and Brian Rogers, and written by Terry Rossio. The film is slated to continue where King of the Monsters leaves off, and will see King Kong and Godzilla meeting and battling each other.


In a time when monsters walk the Earth, humanity’s fight for its future sets Godzilla and Kong on a collision course that will see the two most powerful forces of nature on the planet collide in a spectacular battle for the ages. As Monarch embarks on a perilous mission into uncharted terrain and unearths clues to the Titans’ origins, a human conspiracy threatens to wipe the creatures, both good and bad, from the face of the earth forever.[3]



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On October 14, it was officially announced that Legendary Pictures will be remaking King Kong vs. Godzilla.[4] The project had been rumored ever since Legendary acquired the rights to King Kong and announced Kong: Skull Island in 2014, and the rumors have become even more prominent after the project was moved from Universal Pictures to Warner Bros.

On September 10, Legendary announced its plans to create a shared cinematic universe featuring both Godzilla and King Kong, as well as other giant monsters including Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah. Legendary's Godzilla was the first entry in this universe, followed by Kong: Skull Island in 2017 and the upcoming Godzilla: King of the Monsters in 2019, culminating in Godzilla vs. Kong in 2020.


On May 10, it was revealed that Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Godzilla vs. Kong had gotten new release dates of March 22, 2019 and May 29, 2020.[5]


On March 10, it was revealed that the film's writer's room had been established, consisting of Patrick McKay, J.D. Payne, Lindsey Beer, Cat Vasko, T.S. Nowlin, Jack Paglen, and J. Michael Straczynski, under the direction of screenwriter Terry Rossio. The writers have been tasked with creating and thinking of the best basic ideas and beats for the script until a writer is actually hired to properly write it out.[6]

In May, Warner Bros. moved the film's original release to a week early from May 29 to May 22 for a Memorial Day weekend release. That same month, Adam Wingard was announced to direct the film.[7]

During San Diego Comic-Con, an interview with IGN and Adam Wingard took place. The director spoke on how he felt Kong: Skull Island gave him an "easy way out" in relation to explaining Kong's size change in the upcoming film, but acknowledged how they were aware of the issues involving the plot point. In addition, upon being asked about how monster films tend to deal with figurative and tonal shades of gray, Adam brought up the idea of how easy it is to demonize Godzilla, while going on to express how he has emotional attachments to both monsters. Godzilla vs. Kong was once again confirmed to still be on track for a 2020 release during the interview.[8]

In August, another interview took place with Adam. Much of the subject matter remained the same as his SDCC interview, with Wingard reiterating that he wants there to be an emotional drive to the film, while expressing how he wants "people to really be teary-eyed at the end of the movie". Adam also revealed that Godzilla and Kong won't be the only monsters in the film, calling it "a massive monster brawl movie".[9]

Shortly following the prior interview in August, director Adam Wingard was then interviewed by Entertainment Weekly, and went on to speak about how the film will have a definitive winner, in light of the decades-long debates over King Kong vs. Godzilla's ending.[10] Shortly afterwards, during an interview with Slashfilm, Adam Wingard revealed that Godzilla vs. Kong will take place in the present-day and feature some characters from Godzilla: King of the Monsters. He also teased a "more rugged, a bit more aged" Kong in the film.[11]

On September 12, Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts revealed how Adam Wingard would be handling Kong to make sure he remained consistent with Kong's depiction in Skull Island.[12]

Talking to Adam made me so happy because he, in particular, really understands the kind of anime, manga, mech sensibility that I was trying to bring to Kong. He gets that and that was something that I fought so hard for and was so difficult to sort of realize to life through concept to execution with ILM [Industrial Light and Magic.] That’s one of the things I’m most proud of with him. I think he truly gets that and he truly wants to lean into this version of Kong that kind of was born from my crazy and stupid video game brain.

Yeah. He’s got plenty of freedom to sort of play around with how he wants and to play around with … I always joke that my Kong was kind of like a character in a Shane Black movie in the sense that he just gets beat the fuck up by the end of the movie. He’s just battered and scarred, and so he’s got that kind of reluctant protagonist vibe to him. I think Adam’s willing to take that anime thing and do what he needs to do as he squares off with Godzilla.

— Jordan Vogt-Roberts


In June, actors Van Marten and Julian Dennison were cast for the film, and it was revealed that Zhang Ziyi would reprise her role from Godzilla: King of the Monsters.[13]

In July, it was revealed that The Walking Dead and Black Panther actress Danai Gurari was in talks for a role.[14]

On August 9, it's reported that VFX supervisor Zack Fox had been brought onto the film.[15]

On September 12, October 1st was set as the date marking the beginning of principal photography, and the filming locations revealed were Atlanta, Hawaii, and Australia.[16] Five days later, on the 17th, it was confirmed that production would begin in Hawaii.[17]

On September 19[18] and 27,[19] location setup for shoots was observed in the form of signs with the term "Apex" on them. Shooting for the film is slated to begin in October.

On October 1, it was revealed that film production would start on a later date.[20]

On October 7, The Gold Coast Bulletin confirmed that pre-production for the film would begin later in the month.[21] The following day on the 8th, Prime Minster Scott Morrison and Legendary executives announced Godzilla vs. Kong making landfall in Australia, with filming to begin in Queensland at the Village Roadshow Studios before the end of the year.

On October 10, Brian Tyree Henry had been cast in a "significant role", and Millie Bobby Brown and Kyle Chandler were confirmed to return from King of the Monsters.[22]

On October 17, it was reported that Demián Bichir joined the cast.[23] Production was also announced to begin on the new date of October 29.[24]

On October 25, Alexander Skarsgård had joined the film.[25]

On October 29, it was announced that production on the film would begin in November after missing its initial October placeholder dates.[26]

On October 30, it was announced that Rebecca Hall and Eiza Gonzalez had been cast.[27]

On November 3, it was announced that production would begin on Monday the 12th.[28]

On November 5, Alexander Skarsgård revealed some information about his character, and dismissed the rumor about his character being the leader of a military unit.[29]

He’s not an alpha, bad-ass hero, which I thought was quite interesting. He is thrown into this very dangerous situation and is definitely not equipped for it and that makes it a bit more interesting in my opinion than had he been a bad-ass dude. He’s just a tiny, tiny human trying to survive between these two behemoths. „ 

— Alexander Skarsgård

On November 6, Wingard confirmed shooting would start that week via Instagram post and shared a small sneak peek of a storyboard from the film.[30]

On November 8, it was announced that Game of Thrones and Iron Fist actress Jessica Henwick was added to the cast.[31]

On November 11, it was announced Shun Oguri would make his Hollywood debut in Godzilla vs. Kong.[32] Prep for shooting was spotted at Lanai Lookout depicting a helicopter crash.[33] The following day, Legendary officially announced the beginning of principal photography in Hawaii and Australia, and the first synopsis of the film was released.[3]

On November 13, filming was spotted taking place at Manoa Falls.[34]

On November 14, it was reported Jessica Henwick arrived on set in Oahu, and filming began on the battleship USS Missouri.[35][36] Lance Reddick was also added to the cast.[37]

On November 15, Alexander Skarsgård and Eiza González were spotted filming in Hawaii at the crashed helicopter set at Lanai Lookout, apparently portraying Monarch agents. They were seen wearing copper and black jumpsuits bearing the Monarch symbol as Skarsgård was filming a fist fight scene with another actor and González seemed to play the team leader.[38]

On November 20, production was spotted setting up tents in Sand Island State Park and filming in the H3 Freeway of the Harano Tunnels.[39][40] The following day, filming took place at the Hawaii Convention Center.[41]

On November 24, Julian Dennison[42] and Millie Bobby Brown[43] were reported to have arrived in Hawaii to begin filming.

On November 26, Lance Reddick arrived in Hawaii and there was reported filming in the Hawaiian Telcom building in Downtown Honolulu.[44][45] The following day, filming took place in the Sand Island State Park and Recreation Area, with Monarch vehicles, soldiers, and military tents on set, and in a house on Aukai Street in Kahala.[46][47]

On November 29, Millie Bobby Brown was photographed on set with director Wingard in Hunukai Park, with possible sightings of Julian Dennison, Alexander Skarsgård, and Kyle Chandler. Filming also took place at Kalaeloa Airport, where a set was built at the Naval Air Museum including cranes, large blue screens, and rain machines.[48][49]

On November 30, photos of a storm tracker van and police car at the Sand Island Park set appeared online with decals naming the location, suggesting that Hawaii might be standing in for Pensacola, Florida.[50]

On December 1, it was reported that filming had taken place on the USS Missouri and preparations were being made at Battery Cooper at Kualoa Ranch.[51][52] On December 3, filming at Kalaeloa Airport and set-up at the Battery Cooper bunker continued. The following day, filming took place at Kualoa Ranch.[53][54]

On December 8, Wingard and Monarch soldiers were seen on the Battery Cooper set.

The next day, it was reported that Apex signs were seen leading to the Sand Island Wastewater Treatment Plant.[55] Two days later, it was reported that setup took place at Pier 10 of the Aloha Tower Marketplace, and that the estimated last day of shooting in Hawaii would be either the 19th or 20th before moving on to Australia.[56] The following day on the 12th, there were reports of filming at the Sand Island Wastewater Treatment Facility with sets including an interior "scary corridor" and exterior sets depicting destruction.[57] A casting call went out for extras for filming on December 14 and 17.[58]

On December 13, photos of the set from the Wastewater Treatment Facility surfaced online, and a night shoot took place at Chinatown in the Oahu Market area.[59] On the 14th, filming occurred at the Aloha Tower Marketplace.[60] The next day on the 15th, a photo of a storm tracker van from the Thursday shoot in Chinatown appeared on online, and Millie Bobby Brown was reported to had been on set.

Theatrical releases

  • Netherlands - May 28, 2020
  • Russia - May 28, 2020
  • Brazil - May 29, 2020
  • United States - May 22, 2020


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