King Kong vs. Prometheus

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Scrapped Film
King Kong vs. Prometheus
Alternate Titles
King Kong vs. Frankenstein
Planned Release
Early 1960's

Replaced by
King Kong vs. Godzilla

King Kong vs. Prometheus is an unmade King Kong film.


King Kong vs. Frankenstein was a project originally conceived as a sequel to the 1933 film King Kong, with a treatment written by animator Willis O'Brien featuring King Kong battling a large monster created by Frankenstein's grandson in San Francisco. John Beck (an independent producer) stole the story from Willis O'Brien and, since he could not find an American buyer for the story (which was fleshed out into a screenplay by George Worthing Yates and retitled King Kong vs. Prometheus), sold it to Toho Studios who replaced the Frankenstein/Prometheus monster with their own monster Godzilla, and filmed it as King Kong vs. Godzilla instead.


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