Godzilla vs. Asuka Fortress

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Godzilla vs. Asuka Fortress (ゴジラ伝説 アスカの要塞,   Gojira Densetsu: Asuka no Yōsai?, lit. Godzilla Legend: Asuka Fortress) is an unmade 1979 Godzilla film.


Godzilla vs. Asuka Fortress was proposed by series veteran Shinichi Sekizawa to bring back Godzilla after his several year absence since Terror of MechaGodzilla. The film was scrapped shortly after it and its title were conceived, and no known concept art is known to exist.


Godzilla was to fight a giant robot created by the J.S.D.F. Nothing else is known about the film's plot. - Dead Kamoebas SCR

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