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Given the popularity of the Godzilla franchise, it's only inevitable that bootlegs arise over the decades.


Uncanny Embryo

The Uncanny Embryo is a bootleg of the 1996 DX Battery Operated Mothra Larva figure by Bandai Japan. There are 2 known variations: the brown Uncanny Embryo, and the green Uncanny Embryo.

Godzilla: High Grade bootlegs

Starting in summer of 2000, bootlegs of the Set 4 Godzilla: High Grade figures began appearing on the internet, and remain common on sites such as eBay and Amazon to this day. Though at first glance it may be difficult to spot the differences between the real figures and the bootlegs, there are some notable differences. The bootleg figures are generally smaller and feature sloppier paint jobs. They also lack the marking on their tails that lists the copyright date and "BANDAI CHINA," instead simply listing the word "CHINA." Below are pictures comparing the actual figures and their bootlegs.

12-Inch Bandai figure bootlegs

Bootlegs of the 12-inch figures of Godzilla 2004 and Kiryu by Bandai Creation exist.

Godzilla 2014 Bandai action figure bootlegs

Bootlegs of the "Smash Strike" and "Tail Strike" Godzilla 2014 Bandai Creation figures exist as well. The bootlegs removed the "gimmicks" of the two figures and had poor paint jobs.

Novel Style Godzilla

The Novel Style Godzilla is a bootleg of Bandai Creation's Godzilla 2000 figure distributed in China. The figure has been remolded and repainted to somewhat resemble the 2014 Godzilla and supports batteries which light up a chest light and his dorsal plates.

Jakks Pacific Godzilla bootleg

A bootleg of the Giant Size Godzilla has been distributed in China. Differences between it and the original include white dorsal plates, much larger eyes, and removed articulation of the mouth, hands and feet (not arms and legs), in addition to some miscellaneous paint job differences along the belly and back.

Godzilland bootlegs

Bootlegs of Bandai's 1984 Godzilland merchandise are known to exist. The bootlegged merchandise is distinguishable from legitimate Godzilland merchandise due to inconsistencies in the illustrations of the kaiju. For example, Godzilla has a horn on his head, Mothra larva has antennaes and more pronounced legs and feet, and Hedorah has claws.


Godzilla vs. Megalon

Godzilla vs. Megalon is perhaps the most bootlegged Godzilla film, with several different unofficial VHS releases. This is due to many distribution companies mistakenly believing that the film was public domain.


In Thailand, a bootleg DVD of Dogora was released, featuring Godzilla on the cover. This led many fans to believe the DVD was a double-feature set or a different movie completely.

Video games

Godzilla 2: War of the Monsters Famicom bootleg

A Famicom bootleg of the N.E.S.-only Godzilla 2: War of the Monsters exists. The cartridge is yellow, boasting artwork from the 1998 GODZILLA film, and with the title "Godzilla 3 H-Game 1999." The bootleg may have seen distribution in Romania after the 1998 film was released, as eBay listings tend to come from there.[1]


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