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Godzilla at World's End is a 321 page young adult novel written by Marc Cerasini in 1998.


In the year 2001, amid the frigid ice fields of the South Pole, a group of teenage science students and a team of U.S. Army Rangers make an eerie discovery.

Miles below the surface of Antarctica, a race of ancient crystalline beings has awakened after a million years of frozen slumber. Horrified at finding their world “infected” with a human plague, these Ancient Ones create an army of virulent monsters. The evil, insectlike Megalon is let loose on Russia. Gigan, a cyborg, lays waste to South America. Manda, a gargantuan snake, invades China. And Hedorah, the Smog Monster, descends on Japan.

As Earth becomes a battleground of titanic monsters, the young scientists and soldiers at the bottom of the world must join forces with Godzilla, King of the Monsters, to become the last line of defense against a race older than humanity itself.



Weapons, Vehicles and Races

  • Ancient Ones
  • Kamakites



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