Godzilla Neo: Zilla

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Reptile Monster
Zilla Neo
Height 50 meters
Mass 15,000 metric tons
Created by Toho, TriStar
Redesign by Matt Frank


In the bleary summer of 1998, thunderous footsteps shook the streets of New York City, and a shrieking roar shattered windows. Buildings were smashed, landmarks pulverized, fish trucks....eaten? Headlines blared "GODZILLA TAKES A BITE OUT OF THE BIG APPLE!," "KING OF THE MONSTERS IN NYC!," and vendors lined the streets selling shirts declaring "Godzilla Was Here!" and photographs were taken in the massive footprints left in the monster's wake. Of course, within days, it was all too obvious that Godzilla had NOT attacked New York, had NOT dug tunnels throughout the city, laid 100 eggs in Madison Square Garden, or died from 6 Tomahawk missles on the Brooklyn Bridge. It was instead a beast later known as "Zilla," or "Godzilla In Name Only" by the Kaiju Zoological and Enthusiast community, had chosen the metropolis as a place to lay its eggs and find food (WHY is subject to question). Despite the fact that the King of the Monsters had NOT died at the hands of the US Airforce, they sure liked to believe he did, and the announcements to the contrary were severely downplayed in the media. Regardless, Biologist Nick Tatopolous knew that there was a very, VERY good chance that not all of the creature's eggs were destroyed in the blast that obliterated the nest. Leading a small search party, Nick discovered a lone egg. Hatching and imprinting on the scientist, "Zilla Jr," as it came to be nicknamed, began to follow Nick with incredible loyalty and intelligence, proving itself to be not only an efficient and agile fighter, but a benevolent kaiju at that. The real question remained, however, as to where the original came from. That answer came in the form of Phillip Roche, and his protege', Monique Dupre. Part of a French Special Forces sector, the two were charged by their superiors to "clean up a mess" left from a series of experiments conducted in French Polynesia, were 5 "G-Cell Mutations" had escaped after a catastrophic accident (it is believed that S.C.A.L.E., a pro-kaiju rights organization/eco terrorist cell, was involved in these events). Nick Tatopolous, forming the H.E.A.T. team, hunted down all the remaining mutations, with Zilla's help, of course. After a particularly traumatic event in Alaska, Zilla was later taken to Monster Island, where he would spend the remainder of his life...MOST of it, anyway...


  • - Can run at 200 MPH
  • - Burrowing ability rivals Baragon's
  • - Can spit radiation-charged fire
  • - Very light healing factor
  • - Razor-whip tail
  • - Agility makes up for lack of resistance to heavy weapon fire

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