Godzilla Neo: Varan

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Sky Demon
Varan Neo
Height 45 meters
Length 90 meters
Mass 10,000 metric tons
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


The final scroll of the "Legend of the Yamato Guardians" has never been properly translated, due to damage to the original text, but it can be said that the writings identify the "Sky Demon VARAN" as "the most fearful of the Guardians," and "one of Orochi's most vicious children." It was also written that the Yamato Priests never seemed to succesfully contain Varan's raging spirit, and it took an alliance of the priests and "the mountain people" to trap and subdue the monster (likely ancestors of the Ainu).

Of course, Varan arose once more in 2004, along with Baragon and Manda, to battle a mighty foe indeed.

Original Varan Neo
the original Varan Neo design Had Raptor Talons
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  • - Armored hide repulses most conventional weaponry.
  • - Able to extend fleshy membrane to glide and fly.
  • - Huge spikes on claws and tail use a horrifically strong venom to subdue prey.
  • - Max flight speed of Mach 1, and extremely maneuverable (more than Rodan, but not as much as Megaguirus)

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