Godzilla Neo: Vagnosaurus

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Venom Creature
Vagnosaurus Neo
Height 40 meters
Mass 30,000 metric tons
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


A decidedly hideous child of the mighty Orochi, VAGNOSAURUS is a living mass of poison and venom; a walking biological weapon. This snarling she-beast met her demise at the hands of her ferocious brother VARAN. It was a very even match, as the legends etched on the cave wall tells us, with both creatures badly bloodied and exhausted. It wasn't until Varan finally managed to cast her into the sky with his wind power, then smash her into a mountainside that he gained her extremely useful acid-like bodily fluids to bout against future enemies. Vagnosaurus was the last of the Orochi spawn, until 2004, to have its spirit condensed into the Orochi Amulet, which served well to supercharge Varan in his battle against GHOST GODZILLA. The last two monsters, BALKZARDAN and JYARUMU, are still having their tales of drama and destruction translated.


  • - Teeth and saliva coated with bacteria
  • - Giant stingers inject/spray acidic venom
  • - Limited aquatic ability

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