Godzilla Neo: Spacegodzilla 2

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Ultimate Psychic Monster
Neo Spacegodzilla II
Spacegodzilla II
Height 180 meters
Mass 70,000 metric tons
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


At the climax of the Crystal Incursion in 2007, Godzilla and the Gotengo II were pulled into the black hole generated by Krystalak's destruction. Upon entering a Negative Universe, some sort of pocket dimension, the monster and the warship with some 50 souls on board were awestruck by a strange fractured reality, where gravity had little meaning and masses of indeterminate matter (some sort of mineral) floated about the space.

Then, the Gotengo detected a massive influx of energy - something else was approaching...

A shockwave of radiation rippled through the pocket dimension, and SPACE GODZILLA descended from everywhere and nowhere. The creature had been mutating, changing, LEARNING while in the vacuum of whatever universe it was banished to after its destruction by Godzilla. The two creatures began a bizarre battle - Godzilla forced to continually move from one floating formation to the other, while Space Godzilla utilized its considerable new powers to try and destroy the monster king.

Admiral Gyozen realized that, if Space Godzilla were to escape this dimension and return to Earth, it could harvest the remaining Power Surge crystals and become the strongest monster in the galaxy. Gyozen ordered the new Crystal Engine, developed from the crystals found on Earth, be launched at Godzilla...

Godzilla grabbed the engine as it hurtled through space, and absorbed the energy, supercharging his atomic breath. Gyozen, with the Gotengo II rapidly losing power, ordered the entire crew to the escape ships and back through the ripple in space. He then piloted the mighty warship himself and flanked Space Godzilla, using the drill to massively wound the monster, allowing Godzilla to overload its crystal heart with a burst of his own radiation. The Gotengo exploded, thrusting Godzilla himself through the ripple, just in time for it to close and stabilize...



  • Flight
  • Telekinesis
  • Corona Beams
  • Gigantic crystallized fists control psychically, can fire corona beams individually
  • As-yet-untold powers

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