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To call the Simeons "barbarians" would be like calling the Shobijin "fairies;" it's just not enough, though oddly appropriate. The Simeons aren't so much evil as their culture positively relishes combat and military might. To them, a culture that can't defend itself is hardly worth its salt, and, of course, the best defense is a good offense (a phrase favored by Mugar, one of their most decorated generals). Hailing from a planet very similar to Earth, the Simeons seek to make Earth their new home, but come to the planet in a not-so-subtle manner. Savage brutes they may be, but they're something of business-apes as well. They relish in arms dealings and the chance to flaunt their weaponry. Above all else, the Simeons specialize in hardware. Only the Nebulans' ancestors surpassed them in robotics, and not to the mighty level of the magnificent machine, MECHAGODZILLA. Openly challenging the Monster King, the idea of utilizing the hologram at first was considered cowardly at first, but it was deemed necessary in order to throw Earth into a state of panic and chaos...psychological warfare, if you will. After being driven from Earth, a surprising number of Simeons chose to die with their world, as it was sucked into the black hole that was once their sun. A few, however, formed a small colony on Planet X, and a few more live on Earth, under the watchful eye of the EDF.

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