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Ancient Race
Created by Toho
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Deep, DEEP beneath the Pacific Ocean, in recently discovered gigantic oxygen-rich chambers, there actually exists a relatively advanced race of water-and-air-breathing humanoids in a city-state referred to as "Seatopia." The Seatopians, as a culture, at first glance seem to take influence from both Roman or Greek culture, with a subtle Feudal Japanese influence. However, it could be surmised that this is actually a millenia-old surviving aesthetic of Mu society. Seatopia history is spotty at best, largely because their Senatorial Council keeps the bulk of the historical records under tight lock-and-key, and maintain a creation-myth-oriented mindset amoungst the populace. Their scrolls proclaim: "In the First World, the Gods of Old fought savagely against one-another, our pitiable but brave ancestors caught in the crossfire. Only when the great god MEGALON took pity on humanity, and split the sky with thunder from his great horn, cutting the Earth in twain. There, he used his mighty claws to dig a home for men, protected from the cruel world above, with tunnels and caverns throughout." The Seatopians worship the deity Megalon, who appears as a giant beetle in their artwork. However, one day the High Priest Antonio forged a secret pact with the invaders from the M Nebula, and their own giant beast was "hired" to begin a war against the surface world. Using the populace's all-but-blind faith, he used fear and the nuclear tests conducted on the surface to coerce the Council into making him ruler of the kingdom, and Seatopia declared war on the surface world.

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