Godzilla Neo: Mothra

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Goddess of Peace
Mothra Neo
Body Length 35 meters
Wingspan 110 meters
Mass 15,000 metric tons
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


MOTHRA is considered by many to be just another kaiju, marked for either destruction or capture, but an equal amount see the giant insect as something much, MUCH more... She is renowned as being something of a benevolent creature, as 1961 could be considered the first and only time Mothra made an all-out, aggressive march across Japan, cocooning herself on Tokyo Tower and transforming from Larval stage to Imago stage, where those on the ground described her rebirth as "like some otherworldly angel rising above we shameful creatures". Other times, Mothra has appeared to fend off more violent kaiju, not the least of which being Godzilla himself. Interestingly, Mothra seems to have taken a particular interest in the mutant dinosaur, and one would even go so far as to say she sees a sense of responsibility for the monster, as the Shobijin once implied. Mothra is obviously more intelligent than most kaiju, to which no human can comprehend. The Shobijin, who have become something between celebrities and diplomats, state that "Mothra is as old as rock and as young as flowers, and her wisdom knows no bounds." What this means exactly is debatable. Mothra has been revered as nothing less than "The Goddess of Peace," and after her appearence, a group of both Rolisicans and Japanese gathered and established the "Children of Mothra" in 1966. Since then, it has been declared an official religion in Japan, England, Australia, France, California and New York, and severely illegal in most of the United States and the Middle East.

Mothra is the Yin to the Yang of the dreaded Battra.

NOTE: Mothra is EXTREMELY protective of the Shobijin. After the 1961 Incident, she has created "Fairy Mothra" to be the Shobijin's personal body-guard as they travel the world.



  • - Web-like silk used as both a cocoon and as a deterrent for enemies
  • - Surprisingly durable, can withstand some conventional weaponry
  • - Poisonous gas emitted from glands under body, can cause even Godzilla to become dizzy


  • - Collosal wing span creates gale-force winds
  • - Can fire concentrated bursts of energy from antennae
  • - Most abilites are defensive, such as reflective scales which can bounce back even Godzilla's heat ray
  • - Can spread a calming mist/powder that can both heal and pacify

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