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The Ruins
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


During the scouting of the south-seas island that would eventually be utilized for Monster Island, the research team made a remarkable discovery; ancient ruins, incredibly old, and with an oddly kaiju-esque design aesthetic. The jury is still out on the exact origin of these structures, but the teams have made every attempt to separate the site from the advances of the neighboring kaiju of Sector Gamma, Kamacuras. The giant insect does, however, frequently visit the ruins from the nearby jungle.

It seems as though kaiju are drawn to these ruins...Anguirus, Rodan and Kumonga have also attempted to make a sight-seeing trip into the site, but are thankfully turned away by the necessary force-fields and gas emitters. There's still plenty of excavation going on, but the research team is not prepared to make a full statement or reveal the extent of the artifacts found, but initial rumors are circulating that the ruins are many times older than even the oldest Mu artifacts, and many items don't even look as though they weren't even made by human hands...though even more oddly, some do. Perhaps it is some sort of kaiju memorial site? Or a place that worshiped kaiju as gods? It's still a fractured puzzle, but it doesn't change the fact that even the Gojiran-scent gas emitters can barely keep Kamacuras at bay. Often times she is found sleeping next to the giant statues that line the side of the cliff...

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