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Water Dragon
Manda Neo
Length 200 meters
Mass 9,000 metric tons
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


(from Legend of the Yamato Guardians) -

"The Sea God MANDA ruled the ocean with the rage that made her a Spawn of Orochi, and created chaos that impressed even Susano'o. In particular danger was the nation of Mu, though the Empress refused to send her armies to fight Manda, for fear that she was indeed the Dragon God incarnate, and that the people had done some evil to anger the serpent. Nevertheless, the Priests of Yamato appeared to stop Manda. The kindests of the priests had stuck upon an idea, and went to a beach shore to call on an old friend of his. A small turtle came ashore and conversed with the kindly priest, and he asked of his friend to find something within the sea to quell Manda's rage. Three days passed, and the turtle returned to the beach, dragging with him a colossal pearl of such beauty that the priest was rendered speechless. He presented the pearl to the Queen of Mu, and, taken aback by the gentle priest, offerred the pearl to Manda. As soon as the dragon's eyes fell upon the pearl, her rage was squelched, and she became the guardian of Mu, as long as the pearl was in the nation's protection."

Manda would be reawoken many years later to fight against an incredibly vicious foe...


  • - Extremely powerful coils exert hundreds of thousands of points of pressure per square foot.
  • - Armored scales guard against most conventional weaponry.
  • - Can generate intense electrical power through fangs in excess of 1 million volts.
  • - Swimming speed in excess of 60 knots

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