Godzilla Neo: Krystalak

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Mineral Monster
Krystalak Neo
Height 55 meters
Mass 20,000 metric tons
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


In the year 2007, 3 years after "Ghost Godzilla's" fight against BARAGON, MANDA and VARAN, a hauntingly familiar phenomenon appeared from the ever-sinister void of space, making a direct beeline for Earth. The EDF sent a majority of their forces to New York to investigate the Crystal Incursion. There, in the center of a massive crater, steadily grew a mass of crystals with oddly organic properties...almost like a "cocoon." Meanwhile, GODZILLA III had come ashore, awoken by the crystals, and defeated OBSIDIUS in Seattle. Heading for New York, Admiral Gyozen knew that the crystals must be destroyed before having to deal with Godzilla. Unfortunately, the crystal cocoon was all but impenetrable, and it wasn't until Godzilla arrived and attempted to destroy it himself that the cocoon finally shattered...revealing a brand new threat in the form of KRYSTALAK.

Unbelievably agile and a fierce fighter, the crystal-spawned mutation Krystalak is a sinister foe with plenty of cunning and dirty tricks to spare. So sinister is Krystalak that he would twirl his mustache in deviousness (if he had facial hair). A strange merging of organic muscle and the living crystals, Krystalak was eventually overpowered by Godzilla, who learned how to use the crystal energy, or "Power Surges," himself to defeat the maniacal creature. Then, Krystalak's energy core was ruptured, and when it exploded, created a bizarre rift in reality that sucked in both Godzilla and the Gotengo. There, within a bizarre alternate dimension (or planet), the two titans were forced to face the return of SPACE GODZILLA! And with the portal closing behind them, they had to beat him fast!



  • - Agile, an incredible jumper/leaper
  • - Can run extremely fast on all four legs
  • - Fires the Shatter Stream, a barrage of exploding crystals, from mouth
  • - Shoots Energy Spheres from tail
  • - Has an adverse effect on the fabric of reality and the energy flow of his surroundings

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