Godzilla Neo: Kamoebas

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Megalo Mata Mata
Kamoebas Neo
Type Beast Class
Faction G-Cell Mutant
Height 45 meters(Top of Shell)
Mass 30,000 metric tons
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


HEAT once again was on the tail of another supposed mutation, but this time Audrey Timmonds (Nick’s on-again-off-again girlfriend) and her cameraman, “Animal” followed the team once more, this time out to Alaska. Their chopper landed on the deck of the Heat Seeker, much to the team’s dismay. Audrey declared that she intended to cover HEAT’s exploits and to tell the story of their small team, not to mention find more time for Nick. Still, a special report would have to wait…because a GIANT TURTLE OF DOOM happened. At least that’s what Randy named it. The turtle attacked the ship and knocked Nick and Audrey overboard. In the ensuing chaos and turbulent ocean, they were swept away while the Heat Seeker desperately tried to outmaneuver the titanic terrapin. Little did they know that the monster already had quite a history, and that it had already been given a name: KAMOEBAS. Not to mention that HEAT and ZILLA were headed for a grand drama that would shake them to the core.


  • - Extending neck for quick attacks
  • - Armored shell repels conventional weapons AND nuclear fire
  • - Is not a Friend of Children. Would eat them if the opportunity arose.

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