Godzilla Neo: Fairy Mothra

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Tiny Guardian
Fairy Mothra Neo
Fairy Mothra
Type Beast Class
Faction Guardian of Earth
Wingspan 1 ft
Mass Imperceptible
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


Don't let her paralyzingly fuzzy cuteness fool you, FAIRY MOTHRA is a little flying firecracker. Created from Mothra herself, a minuscule piece of her own gargantuan spirit, Fairy's purpose is to protect the Shobijin as they spread their message of peace. When the Shobijin were kidnapped in 1961, Mothra went on a rampage of biblical proportions. As part of an overall plan to prevent, y'know, mass devastation and all that, Fairy was created as something of a chaperon, mount and bodyguard to the twins.

Fairy is absolutely infinitesimal by kaiju standards, but she has enough power to actually knock a full-grown human male across a room, and that's just casually. If she were actively pissed there's no telling the damage she could cause. Fairy shares a healthy rivalry with BLACK KROIGA, the two being equal in firepower and maneuverability, though Fairy has a leg up in the brains department. The two did, however, find cuddle time while our heroes discussed what to do in the face of Razin's power.


  • - Can fire precision-like laser from antennae
  • - Able to create a shockwave of psychic force
  • - Can communicate psychically with the Shobijin on a rudimentary level

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