Godzilla Neo: Deutalios

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Giant Rat Creatures
Deutalios Neo
Type Beast Class
Faction Frankenstein Monster
Length (average) 10 meters
Mass (average) 20 tons
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


When FRANKENSTEIN escaped, Doctors Bowen and Togami chastised Dr. Kawaji for having an instrumental hand (no pun intended) in the man-monster's breakout. While the two other scientists searched the countryside for what had become their foster-child, Kawaji became reclusive, furious at himself for losing a marvelous wonder of science...but he still had the hand, though. The hand of Frankenstein, still growing, still moving, severed during the monster's violent escape. After being "fed" nutrients, the hand was actually quite sprightly, just short of being able to move at a brisk pace. Kawaji was obsessive over the hand, and tried something drastic, but nonetheless foolish. He severed one of the fingers and fed it to a group of lab rats...and what do you know? THEY GREW IN TO MONSTERS. Big surprise. Kawaji escaped by the skin of his teeth and headed for the mountains, desperate to seek out Sueko and James, but unaware that the rats were in hot pursuit.

When the rats nearly destroyed Kawaji's jeep, Frankenstein appeared and saved him. Bringing him to Bowen and Togami, the two carried Kawaji to safety while Frankenstein squared off against the monsters. At least 5 in number, Frankenstein was outmatched, but nonetheless held a brave battle against the beasts, protecting his family.

The JSDF arrived and started blasting the creatures to kingdom come. Frankenstein himself, badly wounded, drug himself out to the water, and sank beneath the waves...

Later, the giant rats were named DEUTALIOS in the G-Force registry.



  • - Strong healing factor but not as strong as Frankenstein's
  • - Fast and violent
  • - Subsist on human flesh
  • - Saliva may spread disease
  • - Each one mutated in slightly different ways

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