Godzilla Neo: Death Garugaru

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Living Volcano
Death Garugaru Neo
Death Garugaru
Type Warrior Class
Faction Gigamass Beast
Height 70 meters (at the head)
Mass 27,000 metric tons
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


The savage DEATH GARUGARU had proven too much for both the aging MOTHRA and the single Mothra larvae, the mother kaiju drowning while her infant watched helplessly... Now that there was but one Mothra, she was compelled to complete the cycle and continue the fight; she went to the Tree of Life, a massive entity perhaps older that GIGAMOTH, and she cocooned herself about the tree, drawing strength from the Earth itself...

When Mothra was reborn, she looked more or less as she always did, but her eyes had a mystical green glow in place of the usual blue...

Meanwhile, Death Garugaru rampaged about the countryside, absorbing more and more energy from the forests, and soon he would be powerful enough to set all of Japan ablaze. Suddenly, Mothra appeared in the skies, shrieking her battle cry. Garugaru, his eyes hot with the single-minded malice of Gigamass, took to the air as though he were swimming, his bizarre wings creating a wave which propelled him at his foe.

The new, supercharged Mothra used every trick she had, and a few more; utilizing a new power that the Earth had given her, she commanded the elements to assault Garugaru! A great storm appeared and blasted him to the Earth, where huge roots lashed out and bound him to the planet's embrace, where his own magma-powers turned against him, and the ground erupted and exploded!

Mothra then performed a final sealing spell, successfully destroying this piece of Gigamass.



  • - Flight
  • - Able to absorb energy of dieing plants
  • - Spits magma-like blasts from mouth
  • - Can control magma beneath the Earth and cause explosive shockwaves

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