Godzilla Neo: Barugaron

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Fire Beast
Barugaron Neo
Height 50 meters
Mass 15,000 metric tons
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


The annals of kaiju lore are constantly being uncovered and sifted through for new and exciting stories, and one that many a kaijuologist has used as a thesis or dissertation is the Spawn of OROCHI, and its addendum, the Guardians of Yamato. For many years archaeologists have been scouring for information on the "lost children" of the giant serpent, as all that were known of were Baragon, Manda and Varan. However, in August of 2008, a magnificent discovery was made; a massive underground shrine dedicated to Orochi and the legend of its children. On the left wall, when facing the chamber, elaborate paintings and carvings depict what appears to be the history of Orochi's existance and his eventual defeat at the hands of IKUSAGAMI. The opposing wall depicts all 8 of the other children and descriptions of the beasts themselves. Finally, the crown jewel of it all was a stone sphere on a pedestal in the center of the hall (beneath a menacing statue of a colossal stone god which may or may not represent Susano-Wo) that may as well have had a sign posted to it stating "this is really, REALLY important and will play a major role in events to come. Initial analysis of the perfect stone sphere reveals that, under a solid foot of stone, there is a strange object that resonates with a particular energy frequency. While G-Force scientists feverishly attempt to unravel the mystery of the stone sphere, archaeologists have managed to translate the hieroglyphics on the stone walls: BARUGARON was a fearsome monster and wielded the element of fire. Burning everything in his path, he was as vicious as any of his brethren; however, one day he and his brother BARAGON met and, supposedly in a case of "my name is too similar to yours," commenced fisticuffs. Barugaron may have had literal firepower on his side, but he wasn't as clever as Baragon. After tunneling under him, the Earth Guardian buried the fire monster in a shower of rock and stone, and, even after suffering terrible burns, manages to defeat his brother. Barugaron relinquished his life force to Baragon, granting the burrowing kaiju the power of firey breath. Of course, had the monsters fought in broad daylight, the outcome may have been much different (Baragon fights exceedingly well in the dark).


  • - Fire breath
  • - Razor sharp claws
  • - Limited vampiric abilities

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