Godzilla Neo: Balkzardan

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Light Being
Balkzardan Neo
Height (at base of shoulder spike): 40 meters
Mass 10,000 metric tons
Created by Toho
Redesign by Matt Frank


Good and evil are illusions created by humans. Illusions which, of course, control nearly every facet of our existance. Morality is literally beneath the mighty daikaiju, however. Even the destructive power of KING GHIDORAH or DESTOROYAH is merely instinctual need to battle and seek power. Even as a being of light, and compared to her shadowy brother, BALKZARDAN was still no saint of holiness. She was every bit as power-hungry as JYARUMU, the mark of her chaotic heritage. Balkzardan was fast. Faster than fast. In fact, she was easily the fastest kaiju known to man, though it's unknown EXACTLY how fast the giant was. She could have easily outrun ZILLA, though may not have been as fast as RODAN at his top speed. Balkzardan's speed was clearly her forte, and that made her a decided contrast to Jyraumu. Curiously, when Light and Shadow met in a fateful battle, it was far and away from the Land of the Rising Sun and the birthplace of the Orochi Spawn, but since no one truly knows WHERE Orochi originated, whatever circumstances led to Balkzardan and Jyarumu to take their fight far from Japan are completely up to the hypothetical. Their battle was surely an arduous and cataclysmic one, taking place not long after the siblings were freed of AXOR's mind control by KING CAESAR during the Battle of Mu.

Now the real question arises: what happened to these two kaiju? Even the Cave of Legends is sketchy in this respect, but it is implied that Shadow and Light cannot defeat one or the other, and by some twist of fate, both Balkzardan and Jyarumu met in their purest forms, and the clashing of their opposing energy wore each other down until the two seemingly cancelled each other out...but of course, that's no answer. What happened when they negated each other? Did the two attempt some sort of Hail Mary attack to try and destroy the other, and the two were simply obliterated? Did something else happen, and are the two kaiju still within the warm embrace of the Earth, waiting to rise and fight anew? Or could it be something else? Something we haven't yet anticipated or imagined?



  • - Able to move at near-light speed for split seconds of time
  • - Shoulder formations channel electrons to power the rest of the body
  • - Fires concentrated Plasma Beam from mouth
  • - Able to charge body with pure light in order to blind opponents

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