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Bandai Godzilla Island Series
The Godzilla Island series is the first line of 6-inch Godzilla figures by Bandai Japan.


In 1997, the television series Godzilla Island began its year long run. The series' special effects were created using action figures made by the Japanese toy company Bandai, the largest producer of Godzilla toys in the world. In conjunction with the TV series, Bandai released a toy line based on the show and its monsters. While several of the figures were re-releases of previously produced toys, several of them were entirely new molds that had been created to make the figures in the Godzilla Island show. The Godzilla Island line of Bandai action figures has been one of Bandai's most succesful and extensive Godzilla toy series.

List of Toys

Starting in 1998 and ending in 1999, the Godzilla Island toy line ran for a total of 17 individual action figures. Each came with a special tag that gave the monster's name, information on that monster and the Godzilla Island show, and the toy's number. Each toy was given an I.D. number that started with "G" and ended with a number. (Ex: G-01, G-02, G-03, ect.) The following is a list (in order) of each toy and its number.

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