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Godzilla Generations
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Godzilla Generations (ゴジラ・ジェネレーションズ,   Gojira Jenerēshonzu?) is a game for Dreamcast developed by Sega and released on November 28th, 1998.



Listed below are the game's several modes.

  • Normal (after selecting a Kaiju, players then destroy everything in 11 stages as quick as possible)
  • Time attack (Players cause as much damage as possible in a limited amount of time)
  • Generations Theater (has various clips spanning Godzilla's history from 1954 to 1998)
  • Multi-player


There are five areas with eleven subsections in the game. They are:

  • Fukoka - The first area in the game. It has two subsections.
  • Osaka - The second stage in the game which also has two subsections
  • Nagoya - The third area that, like the others, has two subsections
  • Yokohama - The fourth area that is also the last to have two subsections
  • Tokyo - The last section which fittingly is the largest of all with three subsections


A sequel was released for this game titled Godzilla Generations: Maximum Impact.


The military is present in this game like all others. Although here it appears under the name "Self Defense Force". There are eleven vehicles used. They are:

  • Super X - Flying
  • Super X2 - Flying
  • Super X3 - Flying
  • MBT-92 - Ground
  • MBAW-93 - Ground
  • DAG-MB96 - Ground
  • MBAW-93 (Upgrade) - Ground
  • ASTOL-MB93 - Flying
  • Type 89 IFV - Ground
  • F-15J - Flying
  • AH-1S - Flying


The game got extremely negative reviews, IGN's, which was one of the first Dreamcast game reviews by a western source, slammed it for being tedious and simple. The graphics where also harshly critizied. Gamespot said that the inability to block and the fact all the Kaiju could heal made the game boring.

Fans have generally been much kinder to the game, since it's one of the few that has Minilla and Zilla as playable characters, and also one of the few games that allows free-roaming destruction.



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