Godzilla Bank early thank you for 2016
The Godzilla Bank by Shine Co., Ltd. is a Godzilla-themed animated bank.


The Godzilla Bank was made by Shine Co., Ltd. and was released on November 3, 2015, in celebration of Godzilla's 61st birthday. It costs 2,750 yen, and can hold up to 40 500 yen coins (adding up to 20,000 yen). The front label features artwork of Godzilla 1994 by Shinji Nishikawa.

If a coin is put in the circular wave surface at the top of the box, Godzilla will rise up from the ocean and drag the coin down into the bank as he roars and Godzilla's theme plays briefly.

Product size W150 x H126 x D160 (mm).


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