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The Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla soundtrack was released in 2002 with music by Michiru Oshima.


  1. Opening
  2. G's Theme
  3. Title
  4. The Prime Minister's Reminiscence
  5. The Self-Defense Agency's Technology Laboratory
  6. G's Theme (2)
  7. "Welcome"
  8. Akane's Theme
  9. Machine Dragon Team's Theme (1)
  10. Akane & Sara
  11. MG's Theme
  12. Machine Dragon Team's Theme (2)
  13. Confrontation
  14. Runing Wildly
  15. MG's Theme (2)
  16. Sara
  17. G's Theme (3)
  18. Machine Dragon Team's Theme (3)
  19. MG's Theme (3)
  20. Fierce Fighting (1)
  21. Fierce Fighting (2)
  22. Akane's Theme (2)
  23. MG's Theme (4)
  24. Fierce Fighting (3)
  25. Surfacing
  26. Ending
  27. Salute!
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