Godzilla 2000: Millennium (Soundtrack)

Foreign title(s):

Gojira Nisen: Mireniamu

General Information

Composed by:

Takayuki Hattori,
Akira Ifukube



Production Information

Release date:


Album Chronology


The Best of Godzilla 1984-1995


Godzilla vs. Megaguirus


The Godzilla 2000: Millennium soundtrack was released on 1999, with music by Takayuki Hattori.


  1. Main Title - Godzilla 2000 Millennium
  2. The Giant Tail
  3. Face to Face with Terror
  4. Inches from Disaster
  5. Godzilla Appears in Nemuro
  6. Deep at Sea
  7. Sixty Million Year Slumber
  8. The Object from Outer Space: Bizarre Happening 1
  9. The Self-Defense Forces Swing Into Action
  10. Godzilla's Theme - 2000 Millennium
  11. Launching the Full-Metal Missiles
  12. The Objects from Outer Space: Flight
  13. Godzilla Comes Ashore
  14. The Encounter with the Mysterious Object
  15. Eerie Silence 1
  16. Eerie Silence 2
  17. Ominous Premonition
  18. The Wonder of G Revealed
  19. The Object from Outer Space: Bizarre Happening 1
  20. Giant UFO Approaching 1
  21. Giant UFO Approaching 2
  22. Off To Shinjuku...
  23. Earth Invasion
  24. Before the Explosion
  25. Millennium
  26. Thinking of My Dad
  27. 21:10
  28. The Millennium Kingdom
  29. Miraculous Survival
  30. Organizer
  31. "Godzilla's Theme" (Akira Ifukube)
  32. Extraterrestrial Life: The Birth
  33. Tensions on the Rise
  34. Extraterrestrial Life: The Metamorphosis
  35. Astonishing Resurrection
  36. G's Decision
  37. Space Monster: The Irony of Fate
  38. End Title: Godzilla, Dreaded God
  39. SE Godzilla Space Monster


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