Toho Games
Developed by
Glen Fisher
Published by
Code Works
Commodore 64

Godzilla is a 1983 strategy video game for the Commodore 64, developed by Glen Fisher of Code Works. The game was the first video game ever to include Godzilla.


Godzilla's gameplay is similar to that of Godzilla 2: War of the Monsters's, being a war strategy game where the player controls the military. The main screen of the game is composed of a map of Japan with information on the right, Tokyo in a white circle, and Godzilla. Godzilla can appear anywhere and move a few times. The objective of the game is to kill Godzilla. Based on what square you are highlighting (in blue) the information given on the right part of the screen tells how much population there is, how many military troops are alive there, how many military planes are still flying, how many battleships are still on sea. The left screen also tells of your attack choices:

  1. Land Attack
  2. Sea Attack
  3. Air Attack
  4. Move Troops
  5. Move Ship
  6. Missile
  7. Atom Bomb - The most powerful weapon in the game, when dropped it destroys everything within the eight squares that surround the blast radius. Capable of destroying the entire population of Tokyo if it were to be dropped close enough.
  8. Quit

Whatever option is chosen, the upper-right side of the screen will create dialogue to confirm the decision, how many civilians/troops/ships/planes were lost, if you won or lost, or asking where to move the troops/ships. If Tokyo is destroyed, the game will be over.




  • This game, while being the first video game to feature Godzilla centrally, was never officially licensed by Toho. Therefore, it technically isn't the first "real" Godzilla game. The next known video game to feature Godzilla, Godzilla and the Martians, was also never licensed by Toho. That makes Godzilla vs. 3 Giant Monsters the very first official Godzilla game.
  • The 1995 game, Godzilla: The Atomar Nightmare, uses the same basic concept and gameplay as this game.
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