Trendmasters produced a short-lived toy line for the 1998 American film, featuring several figures of Godzilla, the Baby Godzillas, a few human characters from the film, and several military weapons and vehicles. A second line was planned but never released. A line for the animated series was also planned, but was cancelled after Trendmasters went bankrupt.

First Line

The first line was released in the summer of 1998 to coincide with the film's release. It includes:


  • Combat Claw Godzilla
  • Fang Bite Godzilla
  • Living Godzilla
  • Razor Bite Godzilla
  • Shatter Tail Godzilla
  • Thunder Tail Godzilla
  • Ultimate Godzilla
  • Supreme Godzilla
  • Shatter Blast Godzilla vs. Rocket Launcher
  • Nuclear Strike Godzilla vs. Hornet Jet
  • Electronic Godzilla Bank

Baby Godzillas

  • Baby X Baby Godzilla
  • Claw Slasher Baby Godzilla
  • Razor Fang Baby Godzilla
  • Monster Claw Baby Godzilla
  • Hammer Foot Baby Godzilla
  • Hammer Tail Baby Godzilla
  • Spike Jaw Baby Godzilla
  • Tail Thrasher Baby Godzilla
  • Remote Control Tail Swinging Baby Godzilla


  • Capture Net Philippe
  • Grapple Gear Nick
  • Power Shield Jean-Luc
  • Ultra Attack Animal
  • Double Blast O'Neil

Military Vehicles

Micro Battle World Playsets

  • Battle At Brooklyn Bridge Micro Battle World
  • Terror At Times Square Micro Battle World

Unreleased Second Line

A second line was planned for a release during the holiday season of 1998, but due to the first line's poor sales it was cancelled. However, prototypes from the line exist, several of which are just repaints of figures from the first line.


  • Nuclear Glow Godzilla
  • Steel Attack Godzilla
  • Mayhem Godzilla
  • Living Godzilla Repaint
  • Shatter Tail Godzilla Repaint

Baby Godzilla

  • Silver Baby Godzilla (Repaint of Razor Fang Baby Godzilla)

Unreleased Godzilla: The Series Line

Another line of figures was planned to coincide with Godzilla: The Series, but it was cancelled when Trendmasters went bankrupt. Like the unreleased second line, prototypes of figures from this line do exist.




  • H.E.A.T. F/A-18 Hornet Strike Jet
  • H.E.A.T. Apache Capture Copter

Had the line been released, the next planned figures would have included El Gusano Gigante, a Cyber Fly, and a Mutant Rat.[1]


  • Several of Trendmasters' figures for the 1998 film were distributed in Japan by Bandai.
  • Toho would later use the Ultimate Godzilla figure as a scannable maquette to create Zilla's CGI model for Godzilla: Final Wars.[1]


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