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Godzilla: Archipelago Shock (also known as Godzilla Rettoushikan) is a 1995 game developed by Sega for the Sega Saturn.





You play as the Japanese military. You're supposed to direct your tanks and other military equipment on a 3D isometric playing field and attack Godzilla (or other monsters) while he's ravaging and rampaging through cities. When you attack Godzilla or take damage from him or other monsters you can see your health points degrade until one of your units or the monster gets defeated.


The whole game is sprite based and in 2D but everything looks certainly above 16-bit quality. The intro of the game consists out of outtakes from various Godzilla movies and throughout the game those classic Godzilla tunes can be heard.

The game is playable without proper knowledge of Japanese, although you will miss out on the "scenario" and the dialogue. The missions and objectives are quite straightforward, and can be figured out without too much difficulty.


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