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Comments11 Share (ゴジラ 東宝公式サイト ~GODZILLA 1954-2014 60th~,   Tsuini Gojira ga ugokidasu……! Gojira Tōhō kōshiki saito ~ GODZILLA 1954-2014 60th ~?, lit. Godzilla Toho official site ~ GODZILLA 1954-2014 60th ~) is an official website created by Toho. The site is a database of information on the Godzilla films all in Japanese.


The site has five main features. They are all fully in Japanese, except for the Game, which is mostly in English.

News contains news on Godzilla-related stuff going on in Japan.


Under , information on all 28 Toho Godzilla films, including:

  • The film's Japanese title and tagline.
  • The film's Japanese release date.
  • The film's poster.
  • A synopsis for the film.
  • Major kaiju, vehicle and weapon appearances in the film, each of them being clearly indicated under each rare image with their name in Japanese katakana. This includes major stock footage appearances. The images are presented in slideshow form.
  • The cast and staff members of the film.

The films are listed in chronological order.

Interviews contains interviews.

Goods contains newly released products related to Godzilla.


Before January 27th, 2014, the site was a simple online game. However, it can still be accessed by going to . It features a link to the Official Japanese Godzilla movie site, fixed at the bottom of the page.



"ついにゴジラが動き出す……!ゴジラ 東宝公式サイト ~GODZILLA 1954-2014 60th~"


"Godzilla ...... begins to move at last! Godzilla Toho official site ~ GODZILLA 1954-2014 60th ~"


Godzilla 60th is a sidescroller, much like the Gameboy Godzilla: The Series game and Godzilla: The Series - Monster Wars. The player can move Godzilla with the right arrow key and unleash Godzilla's atomic breath with the "G" key. Mothra appears when the "M" key is pressed, King Ghidorah appears when the "K" key is pressed, and some jets appear when the "E" key is pressed, all of who let out a roar when summoned, except for the jets. Godzilla can destroy buildings and eventually comes back to the same spot where the game began. There is no points system or any enemies to fight as of January 1, 2014.





  • In the site's game, when "View Image" is used when right-clicking the part of the screen above 2014 website logo, the screen is rendered as just one image.
  • In the site's source code, a secret message is hidden. It includes the secret codes, G, K, M, and E, along with the words "GODZILLA60TH-SECRET-KEYBINDINGS:" repeated several times in the shape of Godzilla's Japanese name, ゴジラ?.
  • On the site's page for Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah, Mecha-King Ghidorah's Japanese name is misspelled as "Mega-King Ghidorah" (メガキングギドラ,   Mega Kingu Gidora?).[1]

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