GMK: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack (Soundtrack)
Foreign title(s)

Gojira, Mosura, Kingu Gidora: Daikaijū Sōkōgeki

General Information
Composed by

Kow Otani
Akira Ifukube (Recycled music)

Production Information
Release date



Godzilla vs. Megaguirus


Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla

The Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack soundtrack was released on 2001, with music by Kow Otani.


  1. Marching Orders
  2. Main Title
  3. The Giant Fang
  4. The Menacing Claw Mark
  5. The Incident At The Lake Shore
  6. The Enigmatic Old Man
  7. The Giant Foot
  8. The Sleeping Three-Headed Dragon
  9. The Black Afterimage
  10. God of Earth - Baragon
  11. The God of Destruction Appears
  12. The Terrifying Arrival At Shore
  13. The Forgotten Terror
  14. The Confrontation of Two Giant Monsters
  15. The Ambushing Holy Beast
  16. God of Water - Mothra
  17. The Unleashed Spirits Of The War Dead
  18. Attack Preparation
  19. A Tense Moment
  20. God of the Sky - King Ghidorah
  21. GMK
  22. The Raging Mad Godzilla
  23. Determined To Protect The Future
  24. Mysterious Power
  25. The Miracle of The Three Holy Beasts
  26. A Hopeless Crisis
  27. The Escape From Godzilla
  28. Tribute To The Spirits Of The War Dead
  29. End Roll (Godzilla Theme ~ Great Monster War March ~ Main Title)
  30. Godzilla Theme
  31. The Great Monster War March
  32. Sound Effects: Godzilla (Roars, Growl, Light Ray)
  33. Sound Effects: Baragon (Roars)
  34. Sound Effects: Mothra Larva (Cries)
  35. Sound Effects: Mothra (Cries, Flight)
  36. Sound Effects: King Ghidorah (Roars, Flight)



  • Throughout multiple tracks, an altered version of King Ghidorah's roar can be heard.

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